A small Old World bird related to the weaverbirds, typically with brown and gray plumage.

Symbolizes: Joy, creativity, simplicity, community, friendliness

Kaitlin is an upcoming oil painter and all-around creative who was born in Singapore and was raised in South East Asia. Now, living in Cypress, Texas, she is pursuing art full time. She received her Bachelor of Science in Interior Design and minor in Studio Art from Baylor University. After being in the design world, Kaitlin decided art was her true calling and decided to shift her focus.


Kaitlin focuses on the raw, honest, in-between moments that often gets lost in today’s busy world.  It is these moments that ground us most and remind us how immensely lucky we are to live in a world with such beauty and wonderful human connection. It is also through these moments that we are reminded of what a wonderful Creator we have who gave thought at not only the function of our lives, but the beauty in them. As the pursuit of beauty and honesty continues, she hopes you will follow along. Kaitlin hopes her art will provide someone with warmth and connection to a memory or feeling.


Kaitlin’s work has been featured in the Roaring Artist’s Gallery in the Powerful Little Things exhibit as well as two stores in the greater Houston Area. She hopes to continue her reach in stores and in shows.


You can find Kaitlin spending as much time as she can with her husband, constantly rearranging their apartment, and spoiling her cats. She loves to bring people together and always wants to host.  




“The sweetest thing in all my life has been the longing to find the place where all beauty comes from”.

-C.S. Lewis