Memorabilia- The Collection


This collection of paintings celebrates the fleeting normal life moments that are familiar to families across the world. Every family has a story to be told, and every individual does as well. These moments could have happened in any one of our families. It could be our parents or grandparents.


These paintings are based on some vintage photos found at antique stores. It got me thinking, who were these people? Where was this picture taken? Where did they end up? It is almost more intriguing that I don’t know much about them, because all the pictures reflect everyday wonders that someone thought was important enough to capture. The images are nostalgic, not because we have lived that life, but because it could be anyone. They could be our parents or grandparents. They are warm and familiar because we have enjoyed moments in our life that were beautiful in their simplicity. These photos, therefore, the paintings, translate to everyone.


Whoever the subjects in these photos, their stories now live on in another medium. I intentionally did not give much detail to the faces to allow you to imagine them as a familiar face. I can imagine that the little girl amazed by the ducks is my grandmother. My grandmother probably shared a moment just like that during her childhood.


Every family has stories that get passed down and transcend time. What are yours? They do not have to be a big dramatic event; it can be everyday life. We need to celebrate those moments too.


Memorabilia- The Collection celebrates these moments.